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Caitlin + Nick | The Landing Masterton Wedding

Caitlin + Nick had planned the perfect summery, romantic wedding day at The Landing in Masterton – one of my all time favourite venues. Unfortunately the weather didn’t get the memo,

Kate + Ryan Highlights

Guests of Ryan and Kate can view their group photos and guest candids in their online guest gallery – check it out here! You can even order your own prints. Please contact Kate for the

Michelle + James | Wedding highlights

Michelle + James were married at The Landing in Masterton, one of my very favourite venues. This slideshow shows a small selection of images from their beautiful day.   To view, press play then

Rahila getting ready | Stolen moments

Because what you had for lunch before your wedding ceremony is important too.       This stunning bride was married to her beau at Old St Paul’s church in the city, they

Why me?

I just got off the skypeyphone with a prospective wedding client who threw me quite the curve ball. Little did they know I’ve been doing some hardcore ponderance about exactly this question for

Stolen moments (Gem + Clint)

I’m a thief. I steal things. Things like love. Pride. Tears. Kisses. Secret glances. Nerves. Fear. Happiness. Devotion. The thing I love most about wedding photography is the ability to see

Sarah + Alan at Brackenridge

Sarah and Alan had the dubious honor of being my final wedding of the season for 2015. Sarah had planned their day mostly from their home-away-from-home base in London, so it was amazing to see the

1950s inspired autumn wedding shoot

So the middle of wedding season is possibly one of the more stupid times to arrange a styled shoot for a collection of top Wellington wedding vendors, but I have a theory that if you want something

Styled Wedding Shoot at Sudbury | Wellington Wedding Photography

They say ‘its not what you know, its who you know’. Well I like to think I know a fair bit, but my network in the wedding industry is second to none! When Mindy from Twig & Arrow came to me about

Harriet + Chris | Wellington city elopement

Well, yes, I won’t go on ad nauseum, but it would be fair to say that this poor blog has suffered some serious neglect this wedding season. Time to update you all on the incredible weddings I’ve had

Flynn + Dan at the Queen’s Wharf Ballroom

Flynn and Dan were one of those couples that I knew were going to be awesome on their wedding day. When I first met them to discuss their wedding photography there was an audible click, and I left

Kim + Mac | Sudbury Kapiti Wedding

Kim and Mac were married in April at the beautiful Sudbury Fields in Kapiti. They were blessed with a gloriously sunny day, two adorable flowergirls, a photo-bombing house, and a whiskey filled