Signature sessions are full family portrait shoots photographed by Anna Munro.

Anna has been photographing families and weddings for 8 years and has become Wellington’s most well known and sought after photographers.

Anna photographs just one family per month. Please note these are currently fully booked for the remainder of 2019.

Anna Munro specialises in capturing natural expressions and interactions between young children and their loving families. In 2018 Anna aims to get back to shooting what she loves best: young families at home in their own environment. These At Home sessions capture candid moments of your family in the perfect imperfection of your daily life. Capture a glimpse into your life today so you can look back in years to come to show your children exactly what life looked like while they were little. The chaos and quiet of a new baby. The place you always sit to feed the baby. The little details of a 5 year old’s carefully curated collection of teddies. The carpet you’ve walked on crawled on and lived on for 6 years. The nursery you created when your baby was just a hope and a dream. The walls that have seen you go from a couple, to parents, to a family of 4 in so few years. The pets that pre-dated the fuss and bother of your human children. All of the tiny intricate pieces of your life that draw a full story of who your family is.

Invite me over to play with the kids for a couple hours, let me into your space and into your life and let me capture it for you.

All of the best photos are included (100+).

Enquire about Anna’s At Home packages via email