Stolen moments (Gem + Clint)

I’m a thief.

I steal things.

Things like love. Pride. Tears. Kisses. Secret glances. Nerves. Fear. Happiness. Devotion.

The thing I love most about wedding photography is the ability to see into a stranger’s life, on one of the most important days of their lives. By the time the wedding day rolls round, my couples and I have spent a fair amount of planning time together, I’ve probably photographed their engagement portraits, and talked at more depth about the history of their relationship than is socially acceptable. We’re kinda friends. In a weird way. But its when I see the look in groomies eyes when his babe emerges at the end of the aisle – that face completely overwhelmed with stoked-ness; or I catch the little prickle of a tear in her staunch Dad’s eyes, the overflow of his pride… its then that I feel like suddenly I’m seeing these people, for real, through the eyes of the people who love them. Those are the big moments. Those are the shots that any photographer will seize.

But look closer. Look around the big moments, and look into the quiet ones too. A wedding day is FULL of moments. Little tiny sneaky ones that don’t seem that important, or shuffle past without anyone noticing.

I notice them.

A look of reassurance, admiration, excitement. Stolen moments, frozen forever.

Here are just a few of thousands of stolen moments that Ryan and I captured during the second wedding of the season last year when Gemma and Clinton were married at Silverstream Retreat.


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