Alice + Michael – Testimonial

Very satisfied! Anna got so many great photos of us and also managed to capture some gorgeous candid images of our guests. Anna was fantastic to deal with. From day one the communication was really fast and super helpful. She had a really great understanding of what we were after and managed to capture not just beautiful images but also the mood of the day and some really great candid moments. Within days of the wedding we got to see a few sneak peaks which helped keep the wedding buzz going. Alice & Michael    

Mary-Ann & Paul – Testimonial

Having Anna as our wedding photographer was one of the best decisions we could have made. She took me from feeling super stressed out, to calm and excited. She was so professional and organised and you could tell she is really good at her job. On the day, she just did everything without me even noticing. She was such a calm presence to have there on the day, even though she was constantly working, I hardly even knew she was there – that’s how good she is! For the photo shoots she made us feel so comfortable, we could really just relax and enjoy being in the moment. We also really felt like she went above and beyond what was expected of her. The photos of our wedding are so amazing, the best wedding photos I have ever seen! We are just so happy and will highly recommend Anna to anyone looking for a photographer. We will definitely be using her in the future for any other photography needs.    

Chris & Claire – Testimonial

Anna is an amazing photographer with an incredible knack for capturing those little moments you wouldn’t otherwise see. We saw moments exchanged between our family members in the photos that we had missed completely due to being “in the moment”. Anna is brilliant with kids, and all our images show that the kids are having a good time. Our location photos are fantastic, they capture the spirit of our day perfectly. We had a great day with Anna and we cannot recommend her highly enough. Claire and Chris Leach    

testimonial – nikki + mark

In short, Anna was our little wedding miracle! Our photographer cancelled 48hrs before the wedding and Anna stepped in. Having not met or got to know Anna, we were all kinds of nervous. But… Anna was everything we could have wished for and much more! She ‘got’ us instantly and took the most amazing shots of the day. She captured every moment so perfectly. Her photos of the day will be treasured for a long time to come! View more here

testimonial – stacey + mike

Anna was a dream to work with and I am so glad she was our wedding photographer. Working with you was a pleasure. You always let us know what to expect and when, were quick to respond to any queries, and left us with no doubt that everything was under control. Planning a wedding is inherently stressful but our photographer was one of the few things we didn’t lose sleep over before the big day!A+ communication before and after the big day left us in no doubt everything was under control. We always knew what was happening and when, and felt like we could rely on her from day one.On the day itself you and Ryan were warm, unobtrusive, and super efficient. Anna has real attention to detail and an eye for capturing naturally beautiful shots. There are so many ‘aww’ moments in our photo collection (and what a large collection it is too!)Professional from start to finish – you and Ryan were able to get people where and when you wanted them without being bossy or overbearing. You got the shots you wanted without being intrusive, and everyone we have spoken to thought you did an awesome job.Anna you did a beautiful job, thank you!  

testimonial – Annah + Andy

Anna was wonderful to work with. She encouraged us to do an engagement shoot before hand which was a really good idea. Great way to break the ice and get used to being photographed repeatedly. Anna is really skilled at helping you feel relaxed so you can be yourself throughout the process.She was assertive when required (with organising family shots etc) and was relaxed and ready to have a laugh when it suited too. She made our entire bridal party feel important and included and the whole process ended up being a whole heap of fun for everyone involved.We picked Anna because we felt she had an incredible ability to capture special moments where the person being photographed didn’t realise they were being photographed (they always make for the best images). Her photos of our day are better than we could have ever hoped for and we would recommend her in a heartbeat. Thank you for doing such an amazing job Anna and we can’t wait to work with you again soon!

testimonial – sarah taylor

Had a fantastic experience with Anna. She photographed our family and was brilliant with our two kids (3 and 6 months). We couldn’t be happier with the photos she took. They exceeded our expectations and we absolutely love them! Totally recommend!

testimonial – gemma + clinton

Choosing Anna to be our photographer was by far the easiest decision that we had to make when planning our wedding. To be able to capture those special moments that often go unseen, and the pure emotion in such a beautiful way is truly magnificent talent that Anna has. All of this along with such a lovely, caring and gentle demeanour made working with Anna such a pleasure and a privilege…. even our 11 year old who is going through the phase of not wanting to have his photo taken posed away, and loved every minute of it! Anna thank you so much for being a part of and capturing our special day in the most beautiful way possible. Gemma and Clinton Lees  

testimonial – Rahila + Seb

Anna was the photographer for our wedding. She has a beautiful style of photography, creating natural and warm shots. Anna described her working style as fly-on-the-wall, and she was exactly that. We hardly saw her during the wedding ceremony and reception and we were surprised to see the up-close shots she managed to capture without us noticing. The post-ceremony photo shoot was great, and even though we were all a bit shy as subjects this doesn’t come through at all in the photos! Rahila + Seb

testimonial – kim + mac

Anna, you did an absolutely stunning job of capturing our special day. You were open to ideas and encouraged all of our input. We really loved our slideshow which brought happy tears to my eyes! When the album arrived it was presented beautifully and we have loved showing everyone! kim + mac    

testimonial – laura ruddick

I organised our photo shoot with Anna from Australia and she was very helpful, flexible and great with the whole family. We had family photos, kids, grandparents, cousins, aunties and uncles as well as an event shoot at the baptism of my daughter. The photos turned out beautifully and I love EVERY single one of them. They arrived via post, presented stunningly, it was clear they were put together with love and every finishing touch added perfectly. I would highly recommend using Anna Munro and am thinking about planning our next family trip to New Zealand just so we can have another photo shoot! Thank you for making that time with my family so special. laura ruddick

testimonial – teesh + tristan

Anna recently photographed our wedding. It was held at Trentham Racecourse, as it is such a big venue and we wanted photos in lots of different places, but only had a limited time to do so. Anna visited the venue beforehand, and again with us, to make a organised plan for the day. Anna made our day run smoothly and got in every place we wanted. She did an AMAZING job and we received a great range of shots. We would recommend Anna to anyone that is wanting a professional and passionate photographer, thanks Anna. teesh + tristan

testimonial – rebecca + scott

We absolutely love our photos and photo book – you and Ryan did the most exceptional job that we really can not thank you enough! You both captured the day just perfectly and we truly will treasure these photos for a lifetime. When I look through the photos (I admit most days!!) it just gives me that tingling feeling of being there all over again!! rebecca + scott  

testimonial – christine + josh

Anna was our wedding photographer and we were delighted with the end results. She was really non-intrusive while at the same time really efficient which was perfect. The photos captured the day and all of our emotions perfectly. We’ve since recommended her to many friends who have admired our photos. Keep doing what you’re doing Anna, its amazing! christine + jos

testimonial – JAENINE + NICOLAI

The photos look truly amazing! They look really, really good, Anna. We are thrilled to bits. You have done a wonderful job capturing all the special moments and some lovely little details, private conversations and brilliant candid snapshots. You have a wonderful talent and we feel very lucky to have found you. Your photos are more than we could have wished for and we never dreamt that we could ever look so good from the other side of a lens, so thank you! Not only did you help us immensely but our family and friends commented on how you struck just the right balance of stepping up to take charge when needed and being a calming, guiding, watchful influence in the background. Plus we had heaps of fun with you on the day! Thank you for all you did to make everything just perfect, right down to the little things like helping Nicolai’s mum with pinning on his boutonniere. JAENINE + NICOLAI  

testimonial – CLAIRE + JOE

If you are already looking at Anna’s wedding photography then your probably already sold. Anna pictures quite simply are the best. A few weeks after our wedding I was out with a large group of ladies and we got on to talking about wedding photos. I was the only person at that table who was not disappointed with their images. They really are such an important part of your day. Our day was wonderful, colourful, family chaos. Anna blended in and really captured every moment beautifully. There was no awkward posing and she did not disrupt the natural flow of the day. I am so happy that we chose Anna as it is hard to take in everything at the time, so it is such a joy to be able to relive it over and over again, through Anna’s eyes. Everyone has commented on the photos; many with great envy! Anna Munro is going places, my advice to you is snap her up now before she is oversubscribed and out of your budget! claire + joe  

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