Nikki + Mark | Sudbury Fields Wedding Photography

Nikki and Mark had the perfect recipe for their wedding day just a few weeks ago. Beautiful autumn light at Sudbury Fields, delightful styling by Twig and Arrow, and Kapiti’s best wedding celebrant.

The only teeny tiny glitch was when their chosen photographer called to explain that she was ill and couldn’t shoot their wedding day. Like any quality professional though Sarah had already arranged a replacement (me) to step in.

I’m usually the preparation queen when it comes to weddings, I like my ducks to be nicely aligned, so a surprise shoot like this did put me on the back foot a little. However, ducks be gone, all of the stars and the planets aligned on Nikki and Mark’s wedding day. Perfect weather, perfect setting, perfect couple, perfect light. I got so excited during the creative shoot I was actually squealing and hopping around.

Nikki and Mark might just be one of the best loved couples I have ever encountered. If I had a dollar for every happy tear that was shed during the reception… actually the whole day… I would be a rich girl.
The moment Nikki’s Dad came in and first saw her in her wedding dress, during the beautiful ceremony where they linked hands and we heard “these are the hands that will grow old in mine, the hands that will hold our babies, and hold me in bed at night”, and then the reception speeches… well, my viewfinder got a bit fogged up.

It really was a beautiful day.

Nikki and Mark thank you so much for being gorgeous, and for coping so well with being sprung with me at the last minute. I absolutely loved photographing your wedding, I hope you treasure your photos, and each other forever.

From Nikki: “The pics on your blog are truly spectacular. They somehow captured the day so perfectly. I cried my eyes out when I saw them. But amazingly so did people who weren’t even there, just goes to show how well the photos portrayed they day.”

I am glowing.

This song for the first dance.


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