Mothers day | wellington photographer

That my Mum and my Nana. Pretty much the two best birds I know. Mum’s busy talking as usual, and wearing the brooch I bought her. I didn’t realise how similar they look.

I’ve got into a bad habit lately of dragging my camera around with me but not actually taking photos with it. I blame the weather. But I’m so glad I got these today. Two tiny moments, that are so precious because they were sealed in pixels forever. That’s my favourite thing about photography. I picked up my camera, I didn’t bother to adjust my settings, or frame up properly, but I made something precious.

At uni we used to talk a lot about whether photographs record or create memories. I always thought that as a photographer I was primarily creating memories, which is why I find is so important to make sure they photography part doesn’t overwhelm the living part. But looking at these, they are so full of other memories aside from just the great family lunch we ate this afternoon. From Nana’s necklace, to her new glasses, Mum’s haircut and the picture on the wall behind them – heck even the colour of the wall – down to the way they look at each other and the way they’re looking at me – these are all tiny elements of my familiar life. Its all there. Captured. A time capsule. I could stare at these frozen moments for hours, for a lifetime. They are so precious.

And this is a chicken

(also precious)

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