Flynn + Dan at the Queen’s Wharf Ballroom

Flynn and Dan were one of those couples that I knew were going to be awesome on their wedding day. When I first met them to discuss their wedding photography there was an audible click, and I left their place with a massive grin, so excited for their big day.

After hearing the speeches given by their parents and the best man at the wedding, I realise now that these two have a special gift for giving grins and making clicks. They bring out the best in everyone they meet.

It was only fair then, that such a wonderful couple receive an absolutely perfect wedding day. In the weeks leading up to the wedding the weather forecast was looking absolutely dire, we changed our shooting locations to accomodate the horrible rain and wind predicted. The happy couple of course took it all in their stride, unphased, toting umbrellas. On the day, I looked out the window with trepidation only to find a beautiful bright blue sky day! The family groups were set to take place on the steps of the church – this scared me too, as although steps are ideal for big groups, the light could be harsh if we didn’t play our cards right, low and behold a beautiful perfect shadow was formed just in time for the formals… then the lovely sky decided to cloud over into soft light for our creative portraits of the couple and the bridal party – HELLO! BE MORE PERFECT WHY DONTCHA. As we arrived at the reception venue the lightest patch of drizzle came down, only to clear up for THE MOST PERFECTLY TIMED SUNSET EVER. I am actually still in a state of disbelief over the luck we had on this wedding day. I couldn’t have planned it better! As Flynn and Dan finished their dinner, we stepped outside for some low light, last minute portraits, and glory days! Pink and golden! It was gone within minutes, but minutes were all we needed. When we got back upstairs at the Foxglove to the wedding guests they were all amazed by the photos, having not even seen the gorgeous, fleeting sunset at all!

You know how some things are just meant to be? Well that is these guys. To a tee.

Huge thanks to Ryan McCauley who was my awesome assistant and second shooter on this day.


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