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Zerah | wellington newborn photographer

Ever since I attended Jo Frances’ Newborn Workshop back in 2012, I have been photographing newborns like a mad thing, each of them crumpled and squishy with that new-baby smell. BUT I’ve been

Wee Baby Hannah | Wellington baby photographer

Little Hannah gave her lovely Ma and Pa a big fright when she decided to arrive 8 weeks early. The only thing fully grown on her is that head of gorgeous hair! At 16 weeks little Hannah has no

double sweetness | wellington newborn photographer

These two little darlings belong to my lovely friend and ex workmate, Kylie. Work (the day-job, sigh) without the daily saga of Kylie’s pregnancy is infinitely less entertaining. I remember clearly

Newborn Workshop with Jo Frances | Anna Munro Photography

There is quite an art to photographing newborns. An art, I’m hesitant to say, I’m not sure I’ve quite mastered YET. Not having had my own children (YET!) I feel a bit of a novice with the itty-bitty

revisiting my roots

I have been working really hard behind the scenes here getting great systems in place and building workflow processes that will work into the future. Part of that has been reorganising my file back