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Baby to be | wellington maternity portraits

Today I met these two most beautiful people. I’ve never met two people so obviously in love. I have to say, it totally inspired me. Mix that love with gorgeous evening light, some stunning NZ bush,

Two frames | wellington family photographer

Two feet. Two eyes. Two years. Two frames. Too cute. – See more at:

Little Lou | 15 month old baby

Louisa’s Nana and Pops came all the way from England to visit her for New Years. They were surprised with a Christmas gift voucher for beautiful family portraits with their adored granddaughter –

Zerah | wellington newborn photographer

Ever since I attended Jo Frances’ Newborn Workshop back in 2012, I have been photographing newborns like a mad thing, each of them crumpled and squishy with that new-baby smell. BUT I’ve been

The Crump Twins | Wellington Family Portraits

Imagine you’re the mother of a two year old boy. They’re not known for their quiet natures, those two year olds. Ok, now double him, and add another rowdy 5 year old boy. For fun. Feeling tired? How

Wee Baby Hannah | Wellington baby photographer

Little Hannah gave her lovely Ma and Pa a big fright when she decided to arrive 8 weeks early. The only thing fully grown on her is that head of gorgeous hair! At 16 weeks little Hannah has no

Fox | Wellington Portrait Photographer

At 19 months my littlest housemate for the NZIPP InFocus weekend in Christchurch, is pretty much the cutest kid I’ve ever met. Ok, I know I say that about all the cuties I meet, but seriously, Fox.

Hollie and Sophie | twin portraits

Imagine the prettiest little girl you can think of. Now double her.

double sweetness | wellington newborn photographer

These two little darlings belong to my lovely friend and ex workmate, Kylie. Work (the day-job, sigh) without the daily saga of Kylie’s pregnancy is infinitely less entertaining. I remember clearly

Two crazy boys | Wellington portrait photographer

I first met these two kids a couple of years back right near the start of my business’s life. They were zany back then, but subdued compared to our most recent catch up session, where they were

How high can you jump? | Wellington Portrait Photographer

This beautiful boy, and his little brother and sister, mum and dad, came down from Waiouru last weekend to see me. Their session was planned about 6 months out – way to make a girl feel special. We

Ralph | Wellington Portrait Photographer

Why waste words when his little face says it all? – See more at: