Andrea + Andrew | Makara Wedding Photography

Andrea and Andrew (the Andys) were married in March on the forecourt of a tiny chapel at Makara in Wellington. They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck (how they figure that I’m not too sure), but what is good luck is when the lucky rain only sprinkles down for a few worrisome minutes before peeling away to reveal a perfect overcast day. Particularly when you have planned an al fresco reception and an outside ceremony!


This wedding day embodied everything I love in a kiwi wedding: some cute diy aspects, simple but elegant details, a stunning natural setting, a bevy of friends and family working together make things happen, and an adorable loved up couple. It was relaxed, calm and intimate.


We took the photos in a private garden that neighbored the church (thank you!!), and Andrea’s one request was that we got a shot of them in the long grass with white flowers. She wanted it to look like they were lost together in a huge meadow. I was initially very enamored with this concept, until I noticed a distinct lack of long-grass-meadows… Up the street a bit though there was a small patch off to the side of the road, long dry grass, white flowers and all (the odd blackberry thorn and thistle too, but we won’t mention those). It looked like nothing really, a bit of roadside scruff. The Andys took some convincing. Very trustingly though we gave it a go. You’ll see the ‘meadow’ shots later in this blog post – I think you’ll agree, with a bit of creative cropping and a tiny bit of clever cloning, it really is amazing how a photograph can tell such bald face fibs! Beautiful, bountiful, romantic, meadow-y fibs.


Thank you Andys, you totally nailed it.

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