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I’ve photographed this dear family more times and I can count on one hand, and its always a joy. A full on, noisy, dive-into-the-blanket-that-looks-like-a-swimming-pool kind of joy. I last saw them when Baby Ben was just a brand new kitten back in January. Now at 7 months he has joined his big brother and sister in becoming the type of kid you just can’t help but love – full of giggles, a quick nap, then some more giggling. This looks like a pretty standard family portrait, I guess, but look closer: Brooke in in her ‘wedding dress’ and her lady shoes, big bro Adam is dressed “like Ben” in just his undies – I’m told this is a common state of attire, though more often than not the pants are optional. This is these guys. This family. They are frozen for a tiny fraction of time (like one 200th of a second), in amongst a crazy, full-on flurry of seconds that just just keep on coming, and keep on making them bigger and older and smarter and sweeter and funnier. Halfway through the shoot Brooke came over and gave me the biggest, huggiest of hugs, straight out of the blue. The ‘you rock’ kind of a hug. It was nice =) I’m so looking forward to seeing then again in a few months when I photograph the families at their playcentre fundraiser, and I’m still quietly holding out for the 4th baby… one day…

(more from this shoot later!)

6month baby portrait

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