see ya see ya later | personal work

You know what I love to photograph most?


Maybe I watched Moulin Rouge one too many times, maybe I’ve read one too many articles about buzzwords.

Or maybe, just maybe, I finally put my finger on exactly what makes me tick as a photographer.

I could never photograph architecture, or products with the same passion that I approach a wedding day. I’ve told you before about my sympathy crying, but what I didn’t mention is that sometimes I don’t even need to see anyone else crying to get all misted up. Looking at a new Dad holding his precious baby in his arms and looking down into their face with that incredible look of adoration and love. Pride. Or seeing the Mother of the bride beaming with love as her daughter comes down the aisle looking as beautiful as the sunrise. Those little moments get me going too.

I feel so lucky and amazed that I can capture these moments of life. Real life. That people let me see them with their whole hearts out on their sleeves. So often people say to me “we don’t want really stiff posey pictures”. Well ok then, you twisted my arm. Not. Too long has portrait photography been about smiles into the camera. A portrait should capture the soul not just the face.

Well so anyway, I’m feeling a bit philosophical, because I managed to capture a whole lot of pride, love and truth today. My big brother left for his OE, and we went to the airport to say sayonara. Now I have that ‘see ya see ya later’ song in my head.


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