Claire + Joe | Rustic country Wairarapa wedding

There are some couples, and some wedding plans, that you just KNOW are going to be awesome. When I first spoke to Claire and she mentioned she was planning to grow all of the flowers herself, and all of the food, and that there would be an ice cream truck arriving for the kids… I KNEW I had to be there. So much camera candy, a girl could just flat out die.

The day itself surely lived up to the hype. Not only was the food grown on location and by friends, the wine was brewed by the groom and his dad, the flowers were AMAZING SO PRETTY I NEARLY CRIED GORGEOUS and there was a tree INSIDE the marquee. Add a bevy of ridiculously cute flower people, and two sensationally halarious and loved up humans tying the knot, and you can pretty much colour me happy.

Claire is a wedding caterer herself so she had a lot of ideas about how she wanted her wedding to go – and lots of ideas about how she didn’t want it to be! So instead of the normal wedding timeline, Claire hosted a full day of celebrations, where the photography did not run the show (oh the relief!) where my second shooter Charlotte and I were instructed to capture everything in doco style and stay firmly in the background – my favourite vantage point. I have SO MANY photos to share from this wedding, I don’t actually know how I’m going to manage it. This blog post is expected to grow and change over time – so check back again soon.

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