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How to set up a home studio to photograph your cat | DIY photography tips

Happy Sunday internet family! Welcome to my first ‘how to’ blog post – I hope this might become a bit of a series for you to enjoy – for a bit of fun, or to improve your own photography. Today I’m

Meatball | cute kitten gif

Today my two great loves combined: photography and kittens. I had soooo much fun playing with little Meatball, and just quietly I think she had a ball too. When I have a bit more time I am

Fancy Cat Fancier

I swear this is my last crazy cat lady blog posts, for at least… a while. Today at my third show in as many weeks. I’m going boldly into my crazy cat lady future faster than predicted. My kitty

More cats on show | Wellington pet photography

Another weekend, another cat show. This time the town hall was full of deliciously fluffy, baby, blue-eyed birmans, and some grown up fluff balls too. The husband put his foot down this time so I

Confessions of a cat lady | Wellington Photographer

This weekend I dragged my long suffering husband along to the Wellington Cat Club show. He secretly enjoyed it. I loved it! There were so many cats there! A slightly obscure event like a cat show

funny (feline) faces | Wellington Photographer

Its been a while since I picked up my camera and took some photos just cos I felt like it. I’ve been quite busy this week, photographing firetrucks and kindergarten fundraisers, among other things.